Let’s Change the American Workplace…We all know it needs it!

Workplace Culture

Miserable workplace

Have you ever felt like this at work?

70% of the American workforce is miserable at work! Is it the job? In a very few cases. What is it then? The research shows that the vast majority are miserable because of the people they work with! In particular, their first line supervisors!

At kkjl 1400, we are here to show that there is a better way, a new way! A way to lead people that actually makes it easy for both the leader and the lead to be happy and successful! A way that stands apart from any leadership style you have ever seen. And a way that works with every human being. Leadership made simple! Our mission is to share with you the  advantages, opportunities and power you gain when you approach leading people from the right direction! We are here to broadcast this simple truth to everyone! Our mission, to make every workplace a harmonious, pleasant and rewarding place to work! Take the journey with us and you will see it is well worth the effort and the rewards are endless!

This website is dedicated to being a leadership learning medium. Sponsored by The Team-builder Leadership Institute, the purpose of this sight is to provide interactive examples of the universal traits and characteristics that differentiate great leaders from good or poor leaders. We will continuously build and add videos and other media to provide fun and poignant leadership lessons. We invite you, our audience to email us and bring up topics and scenarios you would like to learn about. We would love and appreciate your ideas and thoughts! Share this with your friends and colleagues and as it grows it will provide valuable lessons and insights for all!