Our air staff are truly professional with years of radio experience both in San Luis Obispo County on K-Jewel and around the country from coast-to-coast. They know the music and love it as you do... and are positive, friendly, and informative in a bright way!


You've known the K-Jewel air staff, a wonderful and refreshing group of friends, for years. Spread the word about AM 1400 & FM 106.5... playing your favorites. The Central Coasts' Best Music!


Carl Hampton is a 25-year broadcast veteran. For several years he served as operations manager and air personality for both Jones Standards and the Music Of Your Life formats. As Program Director and midday host, Carl clearly enjoys sharing his love for “America’s Best Music” with his listeners!


Jeff Rollins has hosted our Adult Standards morning show since 1991. Prior to joining us he was a popular air personality at KFOG and KNBR in San Francisco, KFWB in Los Angeles. His witty outlook entertained audience is Sacramento, Washington DC, and Charleston WV.



John Gleason began his broadcast career long before the enlightened age of digital sound when records and reel-to-reel tapes were the order of the day; a time his children refer to as the Jurassic Age of radio. Having worked in stations from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast, John gets a special thrill as part of the team that brings you “America’s Best Music”.



Wayne spent many years as a professional musician (known to most of his old friends as “Buffalo”) in recording studios and nightclubs. Wayne’s radio career includes on-air personality, news reporter, talk-show host, sports guy, commercial producer, and parody songwriter.





Pat McNulty has been a radio & television broadcaster for thirty years. In his youth he worked as a ranch hand, a groom at a racetrack, a tile setter, and a drywall stocker. “I decided it was a lot easier to lift records than drywall. Although, my experience with horses and their stables hasn’t changed much. I still shovel stuff, just in a different way.”

Pat is also the author of Great Music Radio.com, a critically acclaimed novel that was published in 2012. “If you like radio, music, or history, you’ll like my book. If you like a lot of bad jokes you’ll LOVE my book.”



Steve got started in radio to work his way through college. He's been...uh..."working on that degree" in radio for the past 25 years! When he's not cookin' on the radio he loves to be in the kitchen cookin' up something for his wife & two perfect kids. One day Steve hopes to win the lottery and take the winnings to Vegas to double them.




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